Hidaner Ferrer!

I am 35 years old and I started to ride my bike for long distances back in 2014. My start was very rocky, 5 miles to me where an infinite amount of effort on flat lands like Florida, the wind was my enemy, according to myself.

What I've accomplished so far!

I continued bike riding and eventually jumped from 5 to 7 to 12 to 15 miles of riding on flat routes. Once I moved to the Bay Area, I was welcomed by some friend with a 50 miles ride through the mountains, you can imagine my pain.

Even though it was a struggle and I remained sore for days, I continued training and I ended up doing a 7 day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to help benefit the SF AIDS Foundation.

The ride was an incredible experience and even though I hurted my left knee on my first day and dislocated my right shoulder on the second day, I finished my ride and I am happy I did.

If I did it, you can do it, too!